Within such a short time we experience is difficult to define the limits of a projective search made ​​so far. But if we reflect on the way we work , we always end up discussing two major poles.

The idea of ​​fuzzy landscape and refined the idea of ​​roundness . The idea of ​​landscape as fuzzy tuning or merger of the things about the environment. To get a glimpse of the landscape necessary to enter and be part of it . And categorically tuned as artificial idea of ​​energy contributed by things. Contributing determination or permissiveness in the object.


The latter is accompanied by another recurring theme our process, the tone of the architecture. What is this ability to glimpse when the architecture must be strident or neutral , helps to give the character of an imagined atmosphere.

We can say that these intentions or rather these aspirations have been solidifying our work in providing a way to do it within the design process also helps reducing essential and attitudes, we try to print in our architecture .

And at the end of these processes help to find a simple and expressive architecture, essence of a place and looking for balance.

Oscar Company, Joel Padrosa